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We are so excited to meet together for a Sunday Service experience. In order to meet with the Government Guidelines for Places of worship we have made some changes, such as social distancing and alternative expressions of worship. For time being it is also required to wear a face mask during the service. Please ensure you read in full the key changes we are making before booking any tickets to our Sunday Services. 

Please note there is no Kidz G.A.N.G. (children’s ministry) at this time. Children must remain in their parents or guardians care at all times and be booked a seat as part of their household. 

In order to support the NHS Test and Trace programme, we are taking contact details (name and telephone number) for all visitors. In line with guidance issued by the Department for Health and Social Care, we will keep your details safely and in compliance with GDPR legislation for 21 days before securely deleting them. We will only share your details with NHS Test and Trace, if asked, in the event that it is needed to help stop the spread of corona-virus. We will not use your details for any other purposes or pass them on to anyone else.

Everyone’s health, well being and safety is very important. We ask that you assist us in building this environment and to agree with these whilst reserving a seat on the online ticketing system.

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